Where Did Life Come From?

This might be the biggest question of all.

Darwinists claim that life arose after a BIG unexplained explosion led to the formation of a big rock. Then oceans formed on the rock and from these primordial oceans life somehow arose.

As a result of this naturalistic philosophy being imposed upon scientific researchers today, many roadblocks to real science have been erected.

For example, real science reveals no known way that nature could allow complex, living systems to develop by random chance from non-living matter. Yet, this is exactly what is required in order for life to have evolved on its own.

Due to this dilemma, most Darwinian-influenced biologists try to separate the origin of life, often referred to as chemical evolution, from discussions of biology. Their religious adherence to naturalistic Darwinism leaves them no other choice.

Yes, I used the word religious. Why? Because Darwinists have to take a leap of faith to believe their claims, which are in direct conflict with established scientific facts, principles and mathematical probability.

Experiments such as the one conducted by Miller-Urey in the 1950’s have supposedly been able to produce some of the non-living chemical compounds found in living matter. However, the fact is that humans have come nowhere near to creating life in the laboratory.

The Miller-Urey experiment required massive amounts of intelligent input from the researchers. Then, in their closely-monitored laboratory, replicating conditions NOT even found in nature, they were able to produce a few of the 20 non-living amino acids that are found in living things.

However, they had to isolate the amino acids so that the conditions which made them would not quickly destroy them.

An even more significant problem for starting life in either a lab or in a natural setting is that of the 20 types of amino acids found in living matter, they can all form in either right- or left-handed forms.

Mathematically speaking, any such acids forming in such experiments or in a natural setting would end up with roughly a 50-50 mixture of both right- and left-handed varieties. Yet to form the proteins found in living systems, the mixture of amino acids must be left-handed only, with all right-handed nucleotide sugars (with only a few rare exceptions).

There is no known natural process that can produce only left-handed amino acids.

The truth is that the Miller-Urey and other such experiments did not come anywhere close to producing life in the lab from non-living matter. The simple fact is that they did not even come up with any of the non-living building blocks of life.

Today, some evolutionary zealots, recognizing the impossibility that life could have spontaneously generated on its own, are suggesting that somehow life started elsewhere in the universe and was dropped off on earth by aliens, meteors or by some other unknown process.

This simply shifts the evolutionary problem to where it cannot be tested and to where it will not pose as big an embarrassment to secular scientists.

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