Positive psychology Helping Individual to Gain Confidence And Inner Strength

Humans are social beings from the earliest known instance and his whole life is centred around his interaction with others like parents, relatives, friends and the nature.In this world, we dream of achieving something or becoming someone we idolise or like and this thought actually gets us going. A person who is passionate in sports and athletic events may choose his dream of becoming a footballer or maybe any academically sound person may want to become any administrator in any government department. As all of us are aware,it takes so much effort, tremendous zeal and commitment to achieve any dream. Maybe for some reason be it external reason if his schedule gets hampered and he fails to achieve his dream it becomes really a bitter incident for him. From that time onwards, disappointment grows inside his mind slowly starting to take over all of the other positive emotions like courage, hope and optimism, essential for healthy living for any human being. So, day by day, these emotions get diminished and different negative emotions such as severe anger, fear, phobia and sorrow grows inside one’s mind. According to eminent mental counsellors, these emotions must be restricted at the formative state inside one’s mind as otherwise it can severely damage one’s confidence. Moreover these emotions actually creates imbalance and makes a person unstable which takes a toll on one’s physical body as well. The individual who was known earlier for having an eye for minute details may not even concentrate for say five minutes. His inability to concentrate actually reduces his confidence further. He starts to communicate less with others as he himself considers himself to be a failure as a result of which there is no one with whom he can share his grief. Zeal to live a happy and healthy life take a back seat as severe depression gives rise to suicidal thoughts which is needed to be restricted at once. His friends or relatives need to convince him to go to a psychologist as his mental state needs severe attention.

According to a recent survey, the most efficient and popular therapy to treat depression and host of other illnesses is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This is used for various illnesses related to eating, psychotic disorder, any type of addiction, anxiety and any issues pertaining to personality. In this therapy, through sessions, at first the exact problem is identified and then appropriate remedial approaches are being suggested in order to address those problems.

Proper Coaching is essential for any budding psychologist to gain experience in different therapies and methods of treating various mental illnesses. After completing the graduation, they must attend proper interactive sessions of eminent psychologist to know more about different mental diseases, their symptoms and specific therapies to address each one of those diseases.

Positive psychology is the science which enables any person to stay happy and lead a normal and healthy life. It helps one to enjoy each and every moments of life, instils confidence and increases optimism, happiness, courage these positive emotions.

The author is an expert in the field of psychology and mental counselling. He has talked about the importance ofattending a Coaching session on Positive psychology for budding psychologists. Also, in this blog, he has written about the effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in treating various mental illnesses especially depression.

Cognitive psychology

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Cognitive psychology

Cognitive psychology

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