PLC Logic Controller- The Most Widely Used Automated Machine Product

Automation has overruled the manual work in the industry with its advantages. Those who wish to enter into the field of automation must know all the in and out of this technology as in future automation machine products will be preferred by one and all. Automation is all about Electronics and Computers and it is one step behind mechanization. Automation machine products are widely used in many industries.

Using automation machine products not only increases the productivity and quality but also affects the reliability and precision of the product. Taking an example, there were days when the engines were installed manually by trucks and pistons, but now it has been changed and now the engines are installed using automated devices with reduced error rate. The major advantage of using automation machine products is the flexibility, convertibility and turnaround time. With the help of automation, there is no need to rebuild the production lines for shifting from one product to another.

There are varieties of automation tools; the most widely used is PLC Logic controller. PLC, as the name suggest it is Programmable logic controller, thus in automation what we do id control the devices through some logic. It is mainly designed for multiple input and output arrangements and it can withstand extreme temperatures with resistance to vibration and impact. One of the biggest advantages of PLC is, It is very flexible. One machine can now perform several functions and control different programs in one manipulation. It is very cost-effective since errors and changes can now be easily altered through changing the circuit designs, or sequence. Monitoring is assured with its on-going monitoring of ongoing processes, making trouble-shooting and maintenance easier. It is also space efficient since memory’s nowadays are getting bigger and many program systems can be put up in a single PLC. Its durability has been also one of its merits since it can withstand extreme conditions such as heat, dust, moisture and others. Also, productivity can be increased due to this enhanced system as well as reduction of operator cost, and the increasing of safety for human workers are among PLCs advantages.

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