Ways To Create The Perfect Climate Control

You sometimes think it would be really great if you could just control the outside climate then you could plans outdoor events to perfection. Of course many people have got completely used to controlling the climate in their car, it’s practically impossible to buy a car that doesn’t come with some form of air conditioning.

You may be surprised to learn that about 66 percent of all homes in the U.S have some form of climate control system, whether they are mobile units or static air conditioning systems. It’s estimated that climate control units account for 5 percent of all electricity produced and that, as a direct result of the function of climate control units, 100 million tons of carbon dioxide is pumped into the air.

Whenever we as humans do something to control our climate there is an increase in greenhouse gases. When you heat your home you are using fossil fuels that produce carbon dioxide when burnt and when you cool your home, not only are fossil fuels burnt to produce the electricity that operate the climate control units, the units themselves produce carbon dioxide. In fact keeping your home cool is more expensive and worse for the environment that keeping it warm.

However, due to technological advances, you can buy modern climate control units that not only use up to 50 percent less fuel to operate them; they produce less carbon dioxide gas.

Climate control units are built to perform two major functions; they cool your room to a comfortable personal temperature and at the same time control the humidity of the room. Humidity is measured as the percentage of moisture there is in the air; for example, when you have taken a shower, the air in the shower will be saturated with water droplets, thus the humidity is 100 per cent. Humid air makes you feel uncomfortable, very sticky and you sweat a lot to try to cool your body down. High humidity can make you very lethargic. Dry air means that you don’t sweat so much, despite the temperature potentially being higher than in a high humidity environment. When the air is too dry, you find that your throat gets very dry and can get sore and your nasal passages appear blocked.

The humidity level in the air in your home is really down to personal choice, if you have the benefit of a climate control unit. You can set it to the desired temperature and set the rate of humidity, effectively setting the perfect climatic conditions for you.

It’s important to remember that when you have your climate control unit operating you keep your windows and doors closed otherwise it is a total waste of energy and your climate control unit will need to work much harder to maintain the temperature you have set. Also remember that if your home is left empty for several hours it doesn’t make sense to keep the climate control unit operating. If you do need want to leave it on then increase the temperature setting a little; you can always adjust when you return home.

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