Why Reclaimed Materials Work?

by pindec

It’s there at the back of our minds – wanting to do our part for a greener tomorrow. Our efforts are in planting more trees, recycling, upcycling, going organic and so much more. If you are keen on finding new ways to make a difference, then using reclaimed materials to create your new home or even upgrade your current one would be an interesting option. If you are worried about sourcing such materials, don’t be, there are several organizations that work specifically on this.

You need to understand reclaimed materials though in a proper manner. There is a common misconception that recycled and reclaimed materials are the same thing. They are not. Reclaimed materials are sourced from sites where they are in excess and are not being used. Recycling however involves taking an existing material and turning it into something else completely new. Recycling though good, takes a long time to complete and the processes are usually not environment friendly. Reclaimed materials on the other hand are used exactly how they are and can bring down carbon emissions by around 44%.

The plus points in reclamation are that you get a good deal of sustainability from your materials. You also bring down carbon emissions since you are using something that already exists. Using reclaimed materials is a cheaper option since they are in excess and are cheaply priced because sites want to get rid of them. There are expensive materials in the reclaimed ones, but they are only if you are buying something that has got character and depth.

With reclaimed materials you can actually add a whole new dimension to your property. Certain forms of architecture are rare and if you look in the right places you will get materials that are used in their creation and you can add value to your own property.

You can easily find reclaimed property at demolition sites. The other options are to look for them at salvage as well as reclamation yards. Across your city you will find that there are particular yards that specialize in finding specific reclaimed materials like doors or beams or even furniture. Should you not have the time to step out and find some yourself, you can always shop for reclaimed materials online. Just be sure that you are source is reliable. Going on the basis of recommendations would be a good idea. Make sure that they are locally based to make contacting them easier.

We provide fantastic reclaimed building materials, offering all types of reclaimed materials including new walling stone, flags, granite, gritstone setts and kerbs. For more detail visit our website reclaimedmaterials.co.


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