Most Common Reactions to MSG

There are many things that should be considered with MSG and the extreme sensitivity. There are many things that are considered to be some different types of problems that have been considered through chemical, food, drug, cosmetic, fertilizer, and pesticides have all been considered to be problematic. Also the industry has not been restricted in its use of MSG so therefore there are many problems that are considered to be reactions to MSG that could be problematic for many.

To date MSG has never had any real restrictions put on its use and is widely utilized in a variety of industries to include: food, makeup, insect control, and fertilizer. Many people believe that while these industries maintain that MSG is not a carcinogen, or primary pollutant, their opions vary greatly. Due to the facts that MSG is being directly related to problems and side effects people feel great discomfort knowing there are no real steps being taken to follow up on problems linked to MSG.

To further complicate problems, MSG is not detectable by you when you are eating food or using a consumer product or makeup. From trace quantities to larger amounts you have no idea whether it’s present or not, nor how much may be present.

Because you are not aware that it may be there, if your body has any type of allergic reaction be it mild or more severe, you may not even know what is causing the reaction in the first place. It is always best to know what your reaction is caused by otherwise you may treat for the wrong thing as opposed to what caused your reaction.

There are reactions that are from the MSG are that these are not allergic reactions but rather that it is a reaction to a toxin which is what the person would be allergic to. There are few ways to understand whether or not a person is allergic to MSG. Basically the person would have to be monitored and watched for as long as 48 hours after having been exposed to MSG in some form. Another way to monitor if someone has a sensitivity or allergy to the toxin that is in MSG is to have them keep a journal of all food, cosmetics, drugs and supplements that they have used and any reactions that they have had to MSG. Then by listing any reactions that they are having which might be symptoms of MSG they are able to identify whether or not they are having an MSG adverse reaction.

Most common side effects or reactions to exposure to MSG may include migraine headaches, which may be more sever to highly sensitive individuals. The FDA pays no special attention to linking migraines to MSG exposure, yet studies show a direct link. Feeling weak or just over all sick are not at all uncommon reactions to MSG exposure either. If you feel you may be sensitive to MSG exposure it may of special importance for you to pay attention, to whether it is in the products you use.

For every action there is a reaction in the world. Some are wonderful and some are bad. To see more information on MSG Reactions and other reactions click here now.

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