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“Cleanliness is next to godliness”, is a famous quotation that has been widely used to promote a clean environment. Cleanliness not only makes the surroundings look neat and tidy but enables your mind function in a better manner. A filthy environment with a pungent small affects the human body and mind in the worst ways possible and the increasing population and changing environment conditions have prompted a dire need to look for alternatives to save the planet. Hence, modern technology has come up with numerous ways to help replenish the Earth and one of the most effective ways is to “Go Green”.

When most of the people out there complain about industries and factories releasing toxic chemicals into the nature, they themselves do not comprehend that the nature could also be at risk because of the small things that we ourselves do or use at home. One of them being the disinfectants we use to clean our room, bathroom or kitchen which expel harmful chemicals. These adversely affect the environment and do major harm to the human body as well. So before thinking that we cannot contribute towards making a difference, go ahead and use natural chemicals to make homes, hospitals, workplaces, etc, germ-free. Natural chemicals don’t just purify the floors or glasses but also help keep you healthy and positive.

The 7th Annual CUGH Conference held from April 9th to April 11th in San Francisco put focus on “Financial and Operational Sustainability” along with other important features. Renowned speakers came together to discuss and promote sustainability. Such crucial conferences would serve no purpose; neither do any good if civilians do not start acting on such important matters. The leaders work hard to find out ways to help us and our job is to follow their path and advance by opting for sustainable onsite cleaning service and add to nature’s well being. Such services and even natural chemicals are readily available online which are even eco friendly.

You could even contact the experts who have been working in the similar line of business to revitalize the environment and provide suggestions and ways to contribute. Trust the services of a company that gives you enough confidence and guarantees that their means and methods save the nature. Not just that, the suggested ways shall even save you a lot of money in the long run and reduce wastage or expulsion of any toxic chemicals from your home and promise a healthy sustainable life.

The writer is a blogger and this article is about natural chemicals and sustainability.

Sustainable (green)

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Sustainable (green)

* Government has earmarked innovativeness and sustainable livelihood in areas like health and education as a getaway from Youth unemployment which remains at the heart of Africa’s economies.
The Permanent Secretary in the ministry of Gender , Labour and social development made the revelation during the 5th International Scientific Meeting on Sustainable Livelihoods and Health in Africa at Makerere University under the theme; speaking innovations for sustainable livelihoods and health in Africa.
He says youth need self-motivation as government focuses on their skills development through vocationalisation.

Sustainable Development: Youth Urged On Green Jobs Sustainable Development: Youth Urged On Green Jobs
Sustainable (green)

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