Sydney, an amazing city in the Pacific

The largest and the most populous city of Australia, Sydney, is more than just an Opera House, Harbour Bridge or Bondi Beach. Sydney is the most watch worthy city in the whole of Pacific. Sydney is the most famous Australian city among tourists who from all over the world who catch flights to Sydney every year to visit this beautiful city located in the Pacific. In the present article we will try to take to some of the most beautiful sights in the city, other than the Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Every year the city of Sydney collects huge revenue from tourism and the place which brings most paid visitors than any other sight in the city is Sydney Aquarium. Despite its steep entree fee, this is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the city. Sydney Aquarium is home to more than 11000 creatures from the Australian sea. There is a 160 meter long under water tunnel through which people pass through this aquarium to watch these happy creatures swimming all around. If you are going to Sydney with your family, your kids are definitely going to love being here in this aquarium.

Bondy is definitely the most famous and crowded beach in Sydney or in fact in the whole of Australia but if you are travelling with your whole family, it would not be the best beach for you to visit for obvious reasons. Bronte Beach is a place for you to go along with your family. The beach has sand stone cliffs all around and a grassy park where you can spend the whole day to enjoy the cool breeze. The beach can also boast of one of the best surf club in the country where adventure seeking people can go and surf the high waves of the ocean and keep their adrenaline rushing. Bronte is a must go place for all beach bunnies travelling the city.

If you are one of those people who love to spend a day of their tour in a park or forest reserve, Botany Bay National Park is a place in Sydney you would like the most. Spread in a huge area of more than 458 hectares and located around 15 Km from the main city on the banks of Botany Bay, this park is surrounded by the sand stone cliffs. The entry of vehicles is permitted and there are many places where people go and spend their day.

There are many other places in Sydney which are as much beautiful and interesting as these mentioned in this article. Every tourist who is catching flights to Sydney would definitely find something in the city which suits his taste and likings. This is the beauty of this magnificent city of Sydney.

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