Air Pollution and Environmental Issues

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If air pollution really does lead to global warming as some experts claim, it is worth considering when using an air emissions source. Especially one operating in a country that follows the Kyoto Protocol and counts emissions.

We need our protective blanket. The atmosphere. It keeps us safe and warm. But not too warm. Do extra carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and other gases really make it too warm?

Citizens all over the world now ask what they can do to help keep the balance we all know from becoming upset. Will reducing fuel use do anything constructive? Part of good management is good decision making.

How role does government play?

More and more, industrial firms concern themselves with environmental consequences of their activities, and then the economic consequences of changes to the environment. Most countries have agencies that regulate activities to some degree and support beneficial practices.

Those highly concerned with global warming are glad to see that somebody with power cares, but often wish they had even more power. Then we could all see the difference they are looking for. An active government agency facilitates the creation of that difference and significant moves in the right direction.

Good for the air? Then it is good for the planet.

Air pollution. Water pollution. It is all pollution. Can air emissions cause water pollution? You bet.

We have this little thing called deposition. Particles and other heavy pollutants actually fall out of the air and can accumulate on the ground. A little rain comes along and contamination gets washed into the surface water or groundwater.

It is another problem for industry. One that takes expertise beyond their own capabilities to deal with. This is where groundwater and air professionals come in handy. They know how the natural systems affected work and where cleanup and preservation efforts are best applied.

Solutions for these problems may come from emissions management. Maybe something else. Maybe close monitoring of processes, or rerouting fluid flow within the plant.

Who is qualified for air-environmental work?

An experienced weather forecaster who now does air quality predictions. A good professional in this area uses strong intellect and savvy, scientific methods, statistical research and analyses for interesting and unusual things. It helps if one likes to entertain possibilities. For some things, the more unorthodox, the better.

It also helps to roll with the punches quite effectively. If such a person can come up with a better plan while doing so. It will be a logical plan for sure.

It is good to be open minded. Good at dealing with emerging issues and allowing a plan to develop over the course of action. And incorporating input from others. Tis better to understand others than to pass judgment on them. Just remember, it is all good.

Where do I learn about meteorological concepts?

How about photos and articles? You might start with a place for student and teacher resources. A place where readers can read and learn and enjoy the writing. Maybe even see what kind of relevant products and companies are up and coming.

Want to see somebody with credentials? Somebody with both education and experience in the subject of meteorology. See what a meteorological expert has to say about the subject. And maybe even his other interests. To do so, type something like “barometer makes” or “explain humidity” into your favorite search engine and see what comes up. For environmental pollution topics, try “air quality testers” or “water pollution pictures”.

Barry is an experienced air quality modelling scientist. See how air quality modelling solves some of our environmental problems. His weather man page provides more details about the author.


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