Federal Grants For Environmental Science Students

Escalated disastrous implications of misuse of the natural resources, global warming, ecological imbalance on the future of the planet has brought politicians, environmentalists and scientists across the globe to get to their heels as quickly as possible.

Various governments worldwide have opened avenues encouraging students to strive for their career in environmental sciences and create awareness regarding hazardous repercussions of indiscriminate use of natural resources. Environmental sciences encompass varied fields like geology, natural resource conservation, wildlife conservation, forestry, biology, chemistry, and environmental law and policy.

The concern for the environment issues led United States Government to constitute Environmental Protection Agency, a federal department with an aim to bring in regulation on the impact of the big business and industry on environment, for educating people and for the maintenance of integrity of the natural resources of the United States. EPA provides full support for the education of the students who want to pursue their studies in environment sciences by administering its own grants. EPA also maintains extensive list of current grant opportunities.

Students of environmental sciences aspiring to pursue their career with the Environmental Protection Agency or has an earnest desire to serve in a government sector may locate grants at EPA offices and appropriate departments. They can also pursue grants suitable for fieldwork as well as research.
For instance, grants from EPAs Office of Environmental Education are created with the purpose to trigger interest in the Environmental Science students for pursuing their careers in environmental policy and management.

Students belonging from minority communities and underrepresented population, pursuing their environment science also receive grants from the department of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Students eligible for receiving the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration grants should have enrolled in an Environmental Sciences degree and also must emphasize on course work and research, which are in coherence and harmony with the mission and aims of NOAA. Undergraduate students from Environmental science are offered grants from NOAA with an objective of stimulating interest in the fields, which are increasingly challenging.

Students who are interested in the environmental sciences but cannot defray the college expenses can also explore AmeriCorps- a government funded volunteer and community service organization. One can join service in this organization for one or two years and with the substantial stipend student can save for the college fees. Correspondingly, individuals who are interested in pursuing Environmental Science programs may also benefit from the experience gained while dealing in various projects.

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Environmental science

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Environmental science

Environmental science

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