Genetics Have Nothing to Do With Easy Weight Loss. Here’s Why

It is really shocking to realize that over 75 percent of the Americans are overweight while 40 percent are at the obese level. If you or someone you know falls into either of these groups then you may know how difficult it can be to merely understand where to begin at when you want to lose that extra weight.

There are many varied easy weight loss plan from which you can select which range from the popular Atkins Diet to the similarly popular South Beach Diet. Each type of diet has its good points as well as its bad features. It can be very confusing to the first time dieter to try and select the proper easy weight loss program for their use.

Now suppose you are not a new dieter but have experimented with several different diets in the past and not found one that is useful in your case at all. This can actually be just as confusing. In fact when one can not find a successful diet plan it can not only be confusing but also very frustrating. Far too often people tend to think that one diet fills all requirements but it simply does not. If a diet plan works well for your friend there is no guarantee that it will perform the same with you. Each body is different and each has its own requirements. However, all hope is not lost for there is a way to achieve an easy weight loss that is fast and does not involve counting calories.

Before we start determine any sort of easy weight loss programs it is important that we address a bit of background material concerning body genetics and the major reasons that easy weight loss is really very difficult. This is the purpose of this article.

Before starting a diet a person should note how his or her build will have an effect on the program results. Some people are born short while others are simply tall. Some may have large shoulders and hips while others may be short but very muscular. Genetics determines everyone’s body shape and build. The best news possible for those who may be overweight is that genetics is not the determining factor on whether one is fat and overweight or thin. What this means is if you are overweight that can be changed.

There are generally specific reasons why people are usually overweight. Let’s briefly cover these issues at this time.

The primary cause is usually a slow metabolism. These people simply have a difficult time burning off the calories they have taken in with their food consumption. This results in stored up fat within the body.

The second reason that we will talk about is emotional eating. It is highly possible that those people who are overweight often are stressed out or emotionally bothered consistently. As a result they tend to eat a lot and in some cases they eat food portions which are simply too large. Similarly these same people have a tendency to eat late in the evening causing the food to convert to unusable fat.

Hormonal imbalances are more of a medical problem then something that the overweight person can actually deal with themselves. It is suggested that in this case they consult with their family doctor for further disposition.

Sometimes the food ingredients themselves can cause overweight conditions as well. These foods can often generate dangerous toxins within the body that will hinder weight loss.

There is no better way to lose weight than by a healthy diet and adequate exercise. For more tips on weight loss and proven exercises programs visit:


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