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Light is eternal, mysterious, and profoundly related to all aspects of health. Although, that relationship largely eludes a scientific analysis. We know sunlight, or artificial light matching the sun’s spectral signature, is essential for pineal gland function, sleep/waking cycles, and moods. These facts support the therapeutic use of light.

In the extreme northern latitudes, the cure for depressed and suicidal people during the long winter of darkness is a short daily exposure to a full spectrum light box. Sleep disorders are treated with doses of light. Plants need full spectrum light to thrive. Beyond these few indications not much scientific evidence exists for the relationship of light to health. (As an aside here, light is a convenient but somewhat inaccurate term. Light is our sensory impression of photonic energy and not a quality of matter.)

Scientists have described the physical qualities of light. Atoms emit it when their electrons fall to a lower energy level. The energy released is in the form of a photon. Once that happens, the photons vibrate (which gives light its color), and travel at 186,000 miles per second. This continues until a black body absorbs their quantum charge. While photons instantly reach this incredible level of activity, they are also simultaneously in two mutually exclusive states. They are at the same time members of wave formations and individual packets. Finally, and among many other exotic characteristics, they are capable of being in two places at once!

Scientists are aware of these strange qualities. The pioneers of quantum physics, Albert Einstein and Neils Bohr, were deeply perplexed by the other worldliness of quantum mechanics.

Yet, the standard, materialistic interpretation for quantum particles, strange though it may be, is not strange enough. Much more needs to be said about light.
The unreality of photons and all quantum particles is otherworldly. As if the physical weirdness were not enough, the only theory able to encompass the entirety of quantum mechanics interpreted their substance as no substance at all. Protons, electrons, neutrons, quarks, muons, photons, and all the rest of the quantum menagerie are not things in our sense of what things are. They are “probability waves”!

Einstein said the world is like a watch in which we can only see the hands. The inside of the watch cannot be accessed. Aristotle knew this; and, all philosophers know it too. The essence of reality is hidden from examination. We can only look at the tracks of quantum particles as they etch lines into cloud chambers. We never see the particles themselves.

The same is true in the macrocosmic world. We never sense the thing-itself, but instead receive an impression, resulting from the reaction between the object of our interest and an electromagnetic field. This interference pattern is then further distanced from the ground of reality by our interpretation of the sensory information.

Why limit our therapeutic scope to the second hand rendition offered by sensory impressions? We want to include as many of the healing potentials of light (and of creation in general) as possible, even if some of these potentials can only be rendered sensible by imagination and a magical vocabulary.

In a quantum sense material objects, energies, sensory impressions, ideas, dreams, the present, the past, and all possible futures are made entirely of light. Either the light is condensed into matter, a form of jelled light, or it is free photonic and luminescent energy. This is merely a restating of Einstein’s famous equation E=MC2. Matter and energy are different aspects of the same reality equation.

The light of stars (our sun) is the stuff of creation. Matter, all matter, is born in the nuclear heart of stars. The vastest potentials of life, the alpha and the omega of existence are found in the light. Sun worshippers know this. All life not only depends on the sun, but also comes from the sun. The magical insight is that all life receives its vital information in light code. Surely, this is not any more difficult to believe than what we already know to be scientific fact?

The positive and healing parts of light information in the biosphere can be condensed? We find this congealed and super healing light energy in high vitality foods, supplements and full spectrum lights.

Light increases our choices for health and healing. By considering this larger view of nutrition we are empowered to go beyond the scientific measurements of velocity and vitamins, of color and carbohydrates, of the many wonderfully perceptive and helpful categories of the scientists, beyond the electron microscope, gram scale and metric ruler, to a world of immense possibility–the healing universe.

The author of this article is Stephen Becker, a principal in Vitality Science, a company dedicated to natural alternatives to restore and maintain pet health.

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