Management Consulting Numerical Reasoning Test – Prepare For It Carefully

Your proficiency with numbers is not the only aspect being measured by a numerical reasoning test. More importantly, it determines if you can analyze, interpret and think in a logical manner. This capability is a requirement for employees, such as management consultants, who work with critical reports, quantitative information, salary structure, financial documents and other papers filled with numbers. They need to go through the data meticulously to be able to arrive at sensible recommendations for the client.

This is the reason why many firms administer the numerical reasoning test to applicants. For recruiters, it is an effective tool that distinguishes the best from the good ones. If you are scheduled for this test, make the most of it. Management consulting is a very popular career; so many applicants would go an extra mile just to get a position in this industry. There are specific ways to prepare for this challenge, and they are elaborated in the following paragraphs.

The first thing to do is to reinforce your basic mathematical concepts. If you’ve already mastered the MDAS (multiplication, division, addition and subtraction) rule, then proceed with answering ratio, fraction, percentage and word problems. Since you’ve already passed this subject in high school, this won’t be an overwhelming preparatory step. All you need to do is to grab a textbook, memorize the rules and answer some exercises.

Gain knowledge of reading tables and graphs, too. You must know when to use them and how to interpret the included data. Do not ignore any description or legend stated in the problem; otherwise, you’ll come up with wrong assumptions and answers. It is preferable that you become skilled at this. Since this is what professional management consultants do, many interpretation questions will definitely come out in this test.

There’s also a need to improve your computation speed. What makes the numerical reasoning test tough is its time limit. As you practice answering mathematical questions for mastery, try to monitor your pace. This will help you in dealing with the pressure during the actual examination. Another way of expediting your computation is by using math tricks. Look for some shortcut methods on the Internet and see if they’re applicable to the problems you encounter. Using mental math is another tactic to boost your efficiency. Through the power of your mind, you can reduce the need for hand calculations, thereby saving yourself some time for the more difficult items.

You can also enhance your numerical skills through games. During your free time, grab a Sudoku puzzle or a Rubrics cube and do the challenge. Games for mental exercise are also available online. Performing these exciting activities during your free time keeps your memory and sharpness at a high level. Since they stimulate your mind, they keep you mentally healthy and ready for any intellectual task.

Being mindul of the things happening around you is the most practical way of enhancing your numerical reasoning ability. When you dine out at a restaurant you frequent, try to compute its monthly income based on the menu and the number of customers. When you go shopping, estimate how much you need to pay for the items in your basket even before you reach the counter. When you see a new establishment in the city, guess if it will continue to hit the market in the next ten years. Using these common situations in preparing for your numerical reasoning test can be beneficial on your part.

For the last tip, practice as much as you can. There are tons of free resources on the Internet, and you can also buy some reviewers at bookstores. This gives you self-assurance on the examination day. Further, it also makes the test easier since it increases the chance of encountering similar or familiar items. Practice is the best way to learn, and that’s perhaps the reason why it’s always placed beside perfection.

When you enter the testing center a few minutes befor the schedule, be calm. As you answer the items, stay focused. Just bear in mind that you can do it. At times, all it takes is the right mindset to ace the test.

For noteworthy tips on how to ace numerical reasoning tests, we encourage you to register in our online course Consulting Job Academy. One of its modules describes the nature of this test and the guidelines in acing it. wrote it based on the written tests of various firms and on the needs of consulting applicants.


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