Hurghada Holidays and Few Must-Visit Attractions

Beach lovers plan Hurghada holidays especially to add a refreshing tinge to their trip while visiting the gorgeous beaches. The city features public beaches as well as secluded sandy beaches. Honeymooners find their heaven at the tranquil beaches. One of the most popular sandy beaches in the city is Old Vic Village whereas Chill Beach is a cozy beach with few hammock and tropical huts. Another popular beach in Hurghada is Papas Beach Club.

Chill Beach is a must visit attraction for avid surfers and divers. The beach has spectacular coral reefs. Dive in to explore the magnificent world that exists underwater. Marine Biology Museum is another way to explore the rich flora and fauna of the Red Sea. The museum has emerged as one of the most prominent attractions in the city for those who don’t want to dive into the waters of the Red Sea. Take a walk through the museum to observe coral reefs and a wide array of fish species, turtles and several other aquatic creatures. People interested in knowing more about the history of marine life should plan cheap holidays to Hurghada and visit the Marine Biology Museum.

Hurghada Marina Boulevard is an integral part of Hurghada nightlife, dining and shopping. In other words, this boulevard is the hub of entertainment. While strolling around the area, you would come across street performers and magicians. Shopping buffs can choose from variety of branded merchandise. World renowned brands that are available in the boulevard are Adidas, Nike, Dockers, Seagull Sports, Cotton Wear and Dockers.

Party animals enjoying cheap Hurghada holidays can spend their nights at the Due Soli, Lodge Bar and Papas Beach Club. These are the places where you can drink and dance till the wee hours. Shopping can be enjoyed at Bazaar in El-Dahar. The lively market sets up in the Old Town. Besides shopping, the market is the best place to explore the local culture of the city. From shops and stores in the market, you can buy wooden tea tables, polished brassware and a variety of souvenirs. If you know the art of bargaining, you can get your favorite items at much lower prices.

A visit to Dolphin World completes cheap holidays in Hurghada. Families love to spend a day out at this facility and take a closer look at sea lions, dolphins and walrus. You can swim with the dolphins as well. A real treat for the family.

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