The Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Report

The environment is all we have. This planet is our home, and so far we seem to have taken that fact for granted. Read the latest National Geographic issue – or any other issue, for the matter – and find out why.

Thing is, technology is in a direct head-on collision with environmental preservation. The more mankind develops newer technologies, the harder the toll it takes on the environment. Look at all the problems surrounding modern society: global warming, thinning of the ozone layer, air pollution, deforestation, etc.

Which is why environmental remediation is a very crucial aspect of modern science. Let’s dig deeper, shall we?

“Remediation” means to “provide a remedy”. So the term “environmental remediation” is to remedy the environment from all its current problems. It is the branch of modern science that deals with the removal and decontamination of pollutants from environmental media such as surface water, sediment, groundwater and soil, etc. Environmental remediation is being studied and practiced for the benefit of general human health and, of course, environmental preservation.

Environmental remediation involves the Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment report. What is that?

The Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment is a type of report used for identifying potential or existing environmental liabilities of a real estate owner. So if you own a piece of land, you’re expected to take care of that piece of land, and make sure it poses no threat to the surrounding environment. The Phase 1 Environmental Side Assessment report is used to determine just that.

The Phase 1 Environmental Side Assessment multi-tier process report, which determines different levels or types of environmental media contamination. Examinations include…

* Checking for chemical residues embedded in structures
* Asbestos content in building materials
* Inventory of hazardous and toxic substances stored on the site
* Mildew and mold assessment
* Evaluation of indoor air quality

Depending on government legislation, the following actions may trigger the respective agency to conduct a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment report on a commercial property.

1. The property being sold to a new individual or entity
2. Principal redistribution of real estate ownership, or partnership buyout
3. A new lender decides to provide a loan for the property
4. The owner wishes to know more about the site’s toxic history
5. The owner issues an application for change of use to a public agency
6. An agency suspects site contamination and orders the report
7. Property divestiture

Other governments outside the United States are also looking to practice the Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment report more freely to determine contaminated properties. In Japan, the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Law was passed in 2003 to allow scientists to conduct the report in a more routine manner. The same is true in Canada, specifically Ontario, where the Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment report is mandatory when transferring certain types of industrial properties.

Other environmental remediation report types exist, including Phase II Environmental Site Assessment, Phase III Environmental Site Assessment, Limited Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Environmental Assessment, and the SBA Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.

All of these are environmental remediation means to help preserve our natural environment.

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* What sort of world are we living in and are we ready to make the changes required of us?

Environmental Sustainability - we have choices Environmental Sustainability – we have choices

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