How to Go for the Effective Organic Gardening Process?

Farming is a predominant occupation of majority of the population. Many people depend upon farming for their living. They sow and yield crops of different fruits and vegetables for providing food to the economy as well as fill their finance and hunger. Farming method requires a large number of techniques and use of tools which develop the plants to produce better results.

There are two types of farming which are most popular. The organic gardening is a form where farming is done by organic methods and by the use of organic materials and garden fertilizer. In this method of farming, inorganic manure and fertilizers are not used for developing crops. The organic fertilizers include compost and manure like cow dung and used vegetable manure. Organic gardening is also done and is most common in home and buildings. It includes the use of organic fertilizers like cow dung and other compost manure for developing plants in garden.

The process of organic garden is one of the most ancient and widely used forms of gardening. The process of organic gardening include the planting of cover crops, and inter cropping which helps to make the topsoil remain covered and fertile for long. Composting is also another effective method used in organic horticulture. Without the use of chemical fertilizers, garden fertilizer includes methods like choosing crops which discourage pests, rotating crops to different locations to disrupt pests and using insect traps to control pest populations. With the effective use of these garden fertilizer methods, farmers are also benefitted by soil protection, effective fertilization and water conservation which comes with it.

Similarly in the process of inorganic farming, the crops are developed with the use of inorganic manure such as pesticide sprays, powdered pesticides and other forms of pesticides which are added to the soil or sprayed into the crops to develop them. In present times with the advancement of technology, there are inorganic fertilizers which can even ripen a fruit or vegetable to make it more fruity and plump. These fertilizers are used by some farmers to develop their crops faster and easily.

The use of inorganic garden fertilizer includes the use of these sprays and powders for the development of plants. The inorganic gardening includes the use of both organic manure and the use of inorganic fertilizers. The inorganic gardening includes use of cow dung and other organic fertilizers to develop the soil and the use of inorganic fertilizers like pesticides to drive away pests and protect it from infestation. For the effective use of inorganic garden fertilizer, it is necessary to conduct a soil test of the garden to ensure the use of appropriate fertilizer and not to over use the fertilizers to in turn harm them. So choose your garden fertilizer wisely for the effective organic gardening.

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