Is There Evidence That Carbon-14 Dating Proves a Young Earth?

As I discussed in a previous article comparing Darwinism to what is actually validated by real science, Carbon Dating relies on several assumptions which corrupt the reliability of the dates that it obtains. Although specific dates are not likely to be reliable, Carbon Dating really does support the biblical account that the earth was judged by a global flood in the recent past.

By the recent past I mean thousands of years as compared to the millions of years that are required by the Darwinian belief system, which does not allow for any flood of biblical proportions.

Although the Bible is not a book of science, it discusses nothing that conflicts with real science. This, I believe, is sufficient reason to consider that what the Bible says about a global flood should be taken into consideration by scientists sincerely seeking the truth about our world.

Look at it this way. If the Bible account of a global flood is true it would mean that just about every condition that existed in our world before this great flood would be drastically different after such a flood. And if this is true, it would very dramatically affect the test results of anything subjected to Carbon-14 dating that lived or existed before such a flood.

The Bible describes what sounds very much like a global green-house condition in which the planet was protected by a canopy which likely filtered out ultraviolet rays (the source of Carbon-14) and therefore made the collection of Carbon-14 very rare. However, Carbon-14 dating continues to be used without any regard to the possibility that a global flood occurred or that conditions that lent themselves to the collection of Carbon-14 might have resulted because of such a flood.

Scientists are caught up in a real quandary. For example, scientists generally agree that measurable amounts of Carbon-14 should decay away in less than 100,000 years. Therefore, since there would be no measurable Carbon-14 left to measure if the item had been dead for more than 100,000 years, Carbon Dating cannot assign an age to an item older than 100,000 years old, or older.

This is of particular interest because secular teachings claim that the Carboniferous layer formed about 250,000,000 years ago, which is 2,500 one-thousand-year periods of time. Therefore, Carbon-14 should never be found in this layer, unless the layer is less than 100,000 years old.

However, scientific studies on coal recovered from the Carboniferous layer reveal that all coal deposits still contain amounts of Carbon-14! In fact, never has any coal layer been found that does not contain Carbon-14.

By itself, this is strong proof that the earth’s strata layers, from which all old-earth beliefs have been derived, can only be a few thousand years old, and the only viable explanation how the earth’s strata layers all formed recently is that the world we live on endured a global flood sometime within the last few thousand years.

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Earth science

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Earth science

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Earth science

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