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The Free- Radical theory of aging has caused a revolution in the field of cosmology. The new science of anti aging seems to be right out of one of Einstein’s theories, it states that our skin cells age because of the damage caused electrons or sub atomic particle colliding with our skin’s cell structure. Over the past few year’s science has evolved in its understanding what causes our skin to age this has been the break thought in cosmetic products that deal with aging.

It’s like the old proverb. “Either you can live your life in a cave, like a monk, and die with pearly white skin. On the other hand, you can live your life in the Sun, and die looking like an old man. The monk only knows the cave the old man knows the world, how’s the wiser?”

Antioxidants are like little sponges that soak up the damaging elements of the suns ray’s. In reality, they are atoms that don’t have enough electrons, so they collect electrons from atoms that are giving them off.

The sun as well as toxins in the food we eat and chemicals that we live and work around all cause a build up of these free radicals in our bodies. This is not a new phenomenon to life on this planet. As our understanding of this posses increases so does our understanding of how other life form’s around us has adapted to fight this effect. No life forms have adapted more than plants and herbs. Probably, because they have been around the longest. The following is a list of herbal and mineral ingredients that have been found to adhere to the laws of the theory of Free-radical aging and should be in any product that deals with this science.

*Argireline is the trade name for Acetyl Hexaptide-3 studies have found that this ingredient inhibits your skin muscle’s ability to contract.

*Idebenone ia an organic compound of Quinone acts as a strong antioxidant and chemically links itself to free-radicals preventing them from damaging your skin.

*DMAE is a strong antioxidant.

*Edelweiss extract is also a strong antioxidant.

*Evening Primrose Oil Extract converts in your body into prostaglandins, these fatty acids replace the oils lost in your skin that over time cause aging.

*Hyaluronic Acid acts as a lubricate for your skin’s collagen to prevent wrinkles.

*Hydrolyzed Wheat Gluten and Ceratonia Siliqua act together to tighten your skin and lessens the look of wrinkles.

*Lipolight Oap cosmetically acts to lighten the appearance of wrinkles.

*Macrocystic Pyrifer or sea kelp contains vitamins amino acids and iodine to promote smooth silky skin.

*Matrixyl rejuvenates the fibroblasts which the collagen in your skin need to tighten and reduce wrinkles.

*Shea Butter is a natural moisturizer and skin tightening agent it contains cinnamic acid, natural latex and fatty acids.

*Vitamin A is a strong antioxidant protects against sun damage.

*Vitamin E promotes Alpha Tocopheryl a powerful antioxidant for your skin’s fatty acids.

When choosing an anti-aging skin care product look for these ingredients, and you can be assured that the manufacturer has a strong understanding of the Free-Radical Theory of Aging.

As a article writer my job is to give you all the info you need to make informed decisions . If yyour interested in skin products you need to contact your friends at Healthy Life Choice Herbal Store.


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