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I tell you a bollywood news –

On Saturday evening after pack-up, a part of Salman’s Ready crew in Sri Lanka took off to see Mani Ratnam’s Raavan. Salman was also asked to accompany the excited group of actors and technicians.

Says a source, Initially Salman did show interest in the film. But then when it was time to accompany the rest of the Ready unit, Salman opted out because of the controversial nature of the subject and also the fact that he has earned the wrath of the Tamilians by embracing endorsing and visiting Sri Lanka twice in a month.

More importantly, Raavan is worshipped by certain sections of the Sri Lankan people and the film did raise hackles when released in Sri Lanka.

Understandably, Salman was advised against accompanying his friends for Raavan. Mahesh Manjrekar who’s shooting with Salman in Sri Lanka confirms the fact that Salman did not accompany him and the others who saw Raavan on Saturday.

I went with my friends. But it went very peacefully. I had also heard that the Sri Lankans were offended by the way Raavan was depicted. But there were 500 people in the theatre and they watched in rapt attention.

Since the movie theatres in Sri Lanka do not allow edibles, Manjrekar and his friends had taken their own snacks. We had a good time. Wish Salman accompanied us.

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