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The holodeck, a famous science fiction concept provides a rich source of story lines for Star Trek writers as it offers more opportunities to work, rest and play. It is an EU-funded research project which developed a commercial authentic 3D display that could be called Holodeck version 1.0 in the future. Crewmembers can walk through the pathway of their childhood places and re-enact historical events or maybe watch 3D performances of full famous plays. Holodeck is indeed a science fiction but a year ago, researchers and scientists took their steps towards its realization with the help of Coherent project. It shall be called the HoloVizio.

The lecture is part of a series designed for top lecturers to discuss the most important lessons they have learned in life. Pausch gave a really inspiring talk about the topic which was videotaped. As the videotape got around fast, it became subject to worldwide media attention and has caught Abrams’ attention (Star Trek director). Abrams was so moved by the lecture that Pausch has given that he offered a small role to Pausch as an Enterprise crew member in the film. Of course, whatever Star Trek fanatic would turn it down? He ended up flying to Los Angeles for a shooting, met the crew and filmed his part which includes several dialogue lines.

The actor is supposed to star in a film adaptation White Jazz but dropped out to pursue his Kirk role in Star Trek. He said he wanted to evoke Kirk’s characteristics but not totally duplicate William Shatner’s performance. Pine admitted he was inspired by Harrison Ford’s performance as Han Solo as a grumpy hero and would want to bring that kind of aura and humor to Kirk in the Star Trek film. Matt Damon was also rumored to play the James Kirk role but Abrams said that Damon would be too old for the said part. But Damon further said that he would love to portray Kirk if the sequel would feature an older Kirk.

It is primarily because that the production staff reckoned more audiences will watch the movie on summer than winter and not because of the WGA strike. They also choose May 8 because it will avoid competition like X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons that are supposed to be out on the same month. Paramount thought that the film could really appeal to a much broader audience. And besides, it will allow them more time for the visual effects to be perfected.

Ryan Church, the Transformers designer will do the design work in Star Trek film with the help of John Eaves, a Trek veteran. Carolyn Porco, an Imaging science leader will be the consultant on planetary imagery and science for the said film. The production team has established heavily enforced security around the shooting of the film. According to Karl Urban there is an imense level of security and secrecy that the casts and workers have been forced to adopt that can be really paranoid and crazy but justified. Casts and behind the film workers are not allowed to walk around in their costumes outside the shooting parameters and some actors are only given scripts of their roles and scenes.

Star Trek, a 2009 sci-fi film that is directed by J.J. Abrams and written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci is the eleventh Star Trek film. It is a prequel to The Original Series which features characters like Kirk that will be played by Chris Pine, Spock by Zachary Quinto, Scotty by Simon Pegg, McCoy by Karl Urban, Sulu by John Cho, Chekov by Anton Yelchin and Uhura by Zoe Saldana. The shoot is supposed to last for 85 days that will be held shot on 11 sets in the Paramount back lot with a two-week location shoot in Iceland.

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