Questions on physical geography of india and agriculture gk for Civil, SSC, UPSC, Railway

Cracking a competitive exam turns easy when you are provided with right study materials on right time. This on the other hand is failed to be achieved by millions of students appearing for various competitive exams of banks, civil services, IBPS, TOEFL or other government examinations. In the syllabus of public services examinations, questions on physical geography of india and agriculture gk form a vital part of examinations.

Physical Geography of India
Geography is one of the main electives that are selected by a large number of students to crack the exams. There are two patterns of questions that are asked in physical geography question paper. First, multiple choice questions (MCQs) and other includes descriptive questions that are answered in passages. For MCQs on physical geography of india accuracy matters the most while for the latter conciseness and knowledge. The same applies for agriculture gk as well. GK and Agricultural questions are prepared as per various difficulty levels.

Questions on Agriculture GK
General knowledge on agricultural issues covers all major issues of forests, soils, trees, rivers, earth, crops, fertilizers etc. Again the questions are classified into two categories of objective and descriptive type questions.

Natural Regions of India
Natural Regions of India cover large and small geographical regions including The Himalayas, Sutlej-Ganga plains, Eastern and Western Ghat plains, tundra region, warm-temperate zones.

Climate is the most vital part of physical geography of india that questions are asked compulsorily in multiple choice and descriptive questions. Climate covers major questions of equator distances, ocean currents, land slopes, mountain directors, soil nature, composition, testing, and fertility.
Questions on Planning in Indian Economy
Questions on planning in indian economy cover working methodologies of Planning Commission of India. Five-Year Plans, Per Capita Income, Agricultural Produce, Taxation and many such other topics. The questions comprise both MCQs and descriptive questions. The attendants are to answer both with the firm focus on accuracy and conciseness of the topic. Students can be asked any kind of questions from lower difficulty level to higher difficulty level in both descriptive and MCQs.

Five Year Plans
Questions on five year plans are must. These form majority share on Indian economy and world economy as well. Sometimes you might be given a passage and you have to read, comprehend and write the answer of questions provided below the passage.

How to Prepare for Planning in Indian Economy
Obtain full knowledge (Basic and Advanced) then read it with regular practice. Once you have full knowledge over it take online tests and assess your knowledge on the same.

Author is a freelance writer having in-depth knowledge in physical geography of india on quantitative aptitude test planning in indian economy MCQs and descriptive questions.


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