Physical Therapist Assistants Is AN Amazing Career

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To help people rehabilitate from injury or disease is to help them truly improve their life. Physical therapist assistants are key members of a healthcare team. Working under the supervision and direction of a licensed physical therapist, physical therapist assistants have face-to-face interactions with patients, improving their mobility, relieving pain, and lessening physical limitations. That can mean coaching patients through an exercise program, performing massage, or teaching patients to use crutches or an artificial limb. ACC’s Physical Therapist Assistant program combines classroom and lab instruction with real, clinical experience. Graduates score well on the national licensing exam and enjoy employment opportunities in a variety of settings.

The responsibilities of a physical therapist, a physical therapist assistant and a physical therapist aide are quite different. The job of a physical therapist is to devise treatment strategies and chalk out treatment plans that are expected to yield positive results. A physical therapist assistant carries out the bidding of the physical therapist and executes the plan in accordance with his/her wishes. A physical therapist aide does not directly participate in the therapy sessions but is responsible for helping the patient ply between the infirmary and the exercise center; maintain the orderliness and appearance of the clinic and handle insurance and clerical responsibilities.

Performing different kinds of treatments is also part of the physical therapist job description. On the job, you may aid patients in doing physical exercises and in using different kinds of devices that aid their mobility and basic functions. You may also perform manual therapy techniques such as weight therapy and massages. Electrotherapeutic methods are also used in physical therapy. Even though these treatments are widely used, they are usually provided by the assistants of physical therapists. The job of the therapist is to monitor the progress of the patient and to make changes and improvements to the treatment program.

Some physical therapist assistants advance their knowledge and skills in a variety of clinical areas after graduation. The American Physical Therapy Association recognizes physical therapist assistants who have gained additional skills in geriatric, pediatric, musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, integumentary, and cardiopulmonary physical therapy. Physical therapist assistants may also advance in non-clinical areas, like administrative positions. These positions might include organizing all the assistants in a large physical therapy organization or acting as the director for a specific department such as aquatic therapy. Physical therapist assistants may also pursue a career in teaching at an accredited physical therapist assistant academic program.

Now you have a general idea of the physical therapist job description. In addition, you should know that these professionals work in clean and generally comfortable environments. The job is slightly physically demanding, given that you will have to stand, kneel and bend in order to perform different kinds of therapies. Work hours are often flexible, but this depends mostly on whether you work in a hospital, private practice or outpatient care facility. The job description can change depending on the work place, but overall this is a career with high job satisfaction, this is an excellent career to work in.

Some physical therapist assistants advance by specializing in a clinical area. They gain expertise in treating a certain type of patient, such as geriatric or pediatric, or a type of ailment, such as sports injuries. Many physical therapist assistants advance to administration positions. These positions might include organizing all the assistants in a large physical therapy organization or acting as the director for a specific department such as sports medicine. Other assistants go on to teach in an accredited physical therapist assistant academic program, lead health risk reduction classes for the elderly, or organize community activities related to fitness and risk reduction.

In 2010, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projected a 46% increase in PT assistant jobs from 2010-2020, while PTs could see a 39% spike in the same decade. Recreational therapists were estimated to see a 31% increase in employment from 2010-2010, per the BLS. Associate’s Bachelors Who is this degree for? Individuals interested in working as a physical therapist assistant or going on to earn a bachelor’s degree in the field People who want to work as a physical therapist assistant or prepare to eventually become a physical therapist Common Career Paths (with approximate mean annual salary) – Physical therapist assistant ($ 51,100) – Recreational therapist ($ 43,000)

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