Neuro-Biotech Corp.: Highly Expected Products for Prevention, Early Diagnosis and Appropriate Therapy

Neuro-Biotech Corporation: Highly expected products and approved diagnostic kits… For prevention, early diagnosis and appropriate therapy.

As a result of years of study, Neuro-Biotech Corp. has discovered how, following a stressful event, the body’s three systems (Endocrine, Nervous and Immune) work together to protect the body through the HPAS Axis. The foundation of all Neuro-Biotech Corp. activities is based on this unique communication pathway, a real scientific breakthrough.

Earlier this year, the Company signed 16 worldwide license agreements exclusively for the manufacturing and distribution of two groups of products. The first is an innovative portfolio of quantitative “in vitro” diagnostic kits, the NeuroBio Tests. These offer easy detection of various molecules released within the blood of subjects suffering from stress and neuroscience — related disorders. They can be stress-related, socio-professional and occupational diseases, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Great Anxiety (GA), Panic Syndrome (PS); Cardiovascular diseases like Essential Hypertension or Arrhythmia; Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer or Parkinson’s Disease as well as Mental-Health Disorders in the vein of Depression and Schizophrenia.

Using Neuro-Biotech Corporation’s diagnostic kits for early detection, physicians will be able to tell their patients how the chronic stress affects their health, to prescribe the appropriated treatments and to prevent the stress-related diseases and avoid absenteeism.

The second group of products is natural brain adaptogene products — called Neuroceuticals™. These are specifically designed to stimulate targeted neurotransmitters and provide health benefit effects.

Neuro-Biotech Corporation is now able to become worldwide leader in the field of clinical applied-neuroscience related to stress management and mental health for prevention, early diagnosis and therapeutic follow-up.

Neuro-Biotech Corporation: working together for the mankind well-being. For more information:


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