How You Can Use Chemistry To Improve Your Health: H2O2

Ever wonder if there was a practical application to chemistry? There are actually many, and here is just one: H2O2.

Since the early part of the 1800’s the chemical combination that is found naturally in spring water and snow, called hydrogen peroxide or H2O2, has been used for its excellent healing properties. Many of us know that hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent and will burn the skin when you come into contact with it, which is why many of you will be interested and maybe even shocked to know that you can bathe in it, drink it, and inhale it.

You must make sure that you use the correct form of H2O2 for ingestion purposes otherwise you will have severe reactions like vomiting and headaches. The only form hat is allowed for drinking is the 35 % food grade which must be then diluted in water or Aloe Vera juice until it reaches 3 %. It is recommended however that you start by using 1 drop in a glass of water. It is used to cure illnesses such as reflux, and because it supplies extra oxygen to the body, it can kill cancer cells and the HIV that causes AIDS.

The drug industry is a multi billion dollar one and obviously they do not want it to leak that they can actually cure these terrible diseases with a natural, inexpensive product hat every one can buy at their local health food store or pharmacy. The other type of H2O2 that you find is 3 %, which is used to also diluted to bathe in or to apply to skin infections like pimples, to clear earwax, and to gargle with. It makes an excellent tooth whitener and will clear up any mouth ulcers and cold sores.

If you have a cold or sinusitis, the 3 % can also be diluted and used as an inhalant. It will probably burn, but will clear your nostrils immediately of any excess mucous. There are many other uses for hydrogen peroxide such as a skin conditioner. It can be mixed with a base cream and is said to provide anti aging benefits. Many athletes use a combination of Aloe Vera gel and hydrogen peroxide to apply to their feet to prevent infections and sores.

It is amazing to know that something you can combine from natural molecules found on the periodic table can cure you of so many illnesses and prevent you from aging. Another form of oxygen that has similar effects and is being used in cancer studies is O3, which is a stronger form of pure oxygen. It counteracts the negative effect that excessive inhalation of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide gases have on the body.

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