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Thermodynamic panels are a new way of providing your home with hot water and heating. This innovative new technology has revolutionised the way you can reduce your carbon footprint, become self-sufficient and reduce your energy bills. One of the great things about thermodynamic panels is that they do not require sunlight they work by collecting heat from the atmosphere and converting this into energy. This process then results in water for your home that is heated to around 55 degrees all year round, day and night. From cold, it is predicted that your water tank can be heated up in around 4-5 hours, but will take less if the water is already warm.

Thermodynamic can provide 100% of your homes hot water whereas as thermal solar panels can only produce 70%, this is possibly why more people are now considering thermodynamics over solar. Another great asset associated with this new technology is the size of the panels, as they are smaller than some PV panels, and they do not necessarily have to be mounted on a roof, they can even be fixed to wall. This is great news if you were put of solar panels due to the fact that you didn’t like what they looked like. This is also a huge benefit to customers who have already had PV solar panels installed, and have little or no roof space available. Lastly the panels can work in temperatures as low as -15 degrees providing you with hot water all year round.

If these thermodynamic panels sound like something that you might want to consider for your property, even if you already have PV solar panels installed, you need to go about getting cheap thermodynamic quotes. There are many different installers out there, all of which will offer different prices. However, you want to make sure that you are getting the best deal, but also from a genuine installer. You may find the installer that does offer cheap thermodynamic quotes, is actually a cowboy builder or a rogue trader. You can never be too sure, but you will only know once they have either taken your money and not done any work, or maybe even carried out your installation to a very poor standard.

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