Emergency Plans For Chemical Disasters

Chemical disasters are not as frequent as natural ones but this does not mean that are less important. It is widely known that chemical and petrochemical industries have rapidly developed in the last decade, especially in populated areas. Though people should be protected from such situations, there are times that this comes to a failure. Such disasters produce massive loss of lives, injuries, impact on the environment and other damages.

Chemical accidents may happen due to lack of safety measures, technical or even human errors. It, thereby, initiates a series of uncontrolled chemical phenomenon such as runaway chemical reactions, large spills, fires and explosions. Such phenomenon target both human and non-human with immediate temporary or long term consequences. Thereby, it is imperative to develop preventive measures.

Disaster relief shelters are actually mobile structures made of aluminum with a waterproof, tear-resistant neoprene coated nylon cover. These shelters are very light and easy to transport. The sizes in which they are available are not that large, specially designed for easy transportation. Standard sizes are 8 or 16 sq meters, but can be built to larger dimensions. Also, a wide range of colors is available from producing companies.

Relief shelters come in four versions: emergency services, military, humanitarian relief and for general purpose. No matter which version the operation is the same. Having no separate component, the shelter can be operational in just 3 minutes. This serves as an advantage in activities regarding disasters, allowing intervention teams to be at the spot of the disaster and ready for action in a very short time.

These shelters come in various forms as emergency shelters, military, humanitarian units and for general purpose. For military ones there is standard camouflage but, as for the others, they may come in various colors. Customize colors are also available if demanded. It can surely be said that such relief shelters are very important in all sorts of hazards, not just chemical one. It is important that these are included in the emergency plans that are thought ahead.

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