Man, Explained

Collect, anything

Collecting satisfies men’s most ancient instincts. It’s the thrill of the hunt, tracking things down.

Have to man the barbeque

When it comes to al fresco cooking, men take the helm 85 percent of the time, while a shameless 75 percent of us admit to enjoying being the centre of attention as we do. As society becomes healthier, safer, more ‘civilized’ and politically correct, the barbeque is now one of the few opportunities for man to indulge in therapeutic playing with fire, and recreate a cave-side ritual.

Are addicted to computer games

Research at Stanford University in the US found the brain’s meso-corticolimbic centre – associated with reward and addiction – is stimulated more in men than women by computer games. A study also found men are three times more likely to get hooked on games, and the researchers reckon our neural circuitry is hard-wired to respond to the aggressive, competitive and territorial nature of games.

Love fires

To our Neanderthal ancestors, fire was the ultimate tool, providing heat and protection. The man who controlled the flame controlled the women. So it’s little wonder most of us retain a ‘healthy’ fascination with flames, or that 90 percent of arsonists are men.

Channel surf

Men don’t want to know what’s on television. They want to know what else is on television. The male solution-orientated, problem-solving brain is interested in getting to the bottom line as quickly as possible. And why don’t we listen to our partners while clutching that instrument of televisual power? We’re useless at multi-tasking because our ancient ancestors’ brains had to be focused on the task at hand. So when she accuses you of not listening while you’re flicking, tell her you’re a victim of evolutionary biology: you can’t.

Hate shopping

Research found shopping sent men’s heart rates and blood pressure rocketing to levels akin to those experienced by fighter pilots. Men aren’t very good at traipsing round supermarkets, but they will happily put in hours of Internet research before buying the best television. Think of it as the chase before the kill.

Leave the seat up

The problem, is that modern toilets simply aren’t designed for men. Like many male animals, our instincts are to pee against something to mark territory. That’s why you don’t go out in an open field. Well that and the threat of an arrest for public indecency. Surely the more important question in this emasculated age is ‘Why do women always leave the seat down?’

Laugh at others’ misfortunes

Taking pleasure in others’ mishaps, aka Schadenfreude, is a predominantly male trait, according to psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman, the man behind the largest ever study of the psychology of humor, Laugh-Lab. His research found men enjoy more aggressive humor, the kind that makes us feel better than our peers. It makes us feel good about ourselves by comparison, and makes those misfortunes seem less threatening.

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Evolutionary biology

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The definition of Evolution:

“Genetic change in a population of organisms; in general, evolution leads to progressive change from simple to complex.” – Biology, Seventh Edition, Raven, Johnson, Losos, Singer (college textbook) pg G-6 glossary

“Descent with modification…change in the genetic composition of a population from generation to generation.” – Biology Eighth Edition, Campbell, Reece (college textbook) pg G-14 glossary

“Biological evolution, simply put, is descent with modification. This definition encompasses small-scale evolution (changes in gene frequency in a population from one generation to the next) and large-scale evolution (the descent of different species from a common ancestor over many generations). Evolution helps us to understand the history of life.” University of California Berkley

Dogs evolved from wolves:

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What is Evolution? What is Evolution?
Evolutionary biology

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