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Astronomy is a serious science and a popular hobby all over the world. As do other interests astronomy generates millions of words of information every month. All this is compiled on a regular basis in an astronomy magazine. Many of these magazines now also publish their information online.

A top astronomy magazine in the UK is Astronomy Now. It’s a magazine for everyone that is been in publication since the late 1980s. A typical issue has dozens of features and even focus articles that delve more deeply into specific subjects. Reader images, star charts and book reviews are standard in every issue of this magazine. Not only does the website include much of the same information, but the star charts there are in an even more useful format. Many variables can be set to view the star chart on a particular day or time. These charts are very useful.

Sky and Telescope are another excellent astronomy magazine. It says it’s like having an astronomy professional by your side. It would be good to have the Stephen Hawking with you when you are looking at the universe. The magazine also presents stunning images each month. In November 2008 for example Sky and Telescope showed a stunning image of a planet orbiting a distance star. This marks the first time a planet has been seen orbiting another star in visible light imagery.

One of the first websites people find when searching for astronomy magazines are the website for Astronomy. The latest information presented by this publication, online via its web site, is truly stunning. It includes the first images ever taken of another solar system. Also posted is an audio tour, as a podcast, of the constellation Cassiopeia. Astronomy also features guides for kids getting into astronomy, first time astronomers and people who want to see the night sky from a city setting. It’s a great magazine to have, and a great web site to visit.

Admitting to being cheap, the author admits to sticking to web sites instead of purchasing any astronomy magazine. One way or another information is at your fingertips.

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